Top 3 most popular BJSM podcasts of ALL TIME

The year in BJSM podcasts is off to a good start. “Knowledge translation in sports physiotherapy: moving research into practical use” (with Dr Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Dr Dylan Morrissey and Dr. Christian Barton) had 1000 listens in just 24 hours.

We have lots more to look forward to in 2016. Stay tuned – new podcasts will be posted every Friday. Only time will tell if any of these will beat the ‘reigning champions’ of the most popular podcasts of all time:

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  1. Diagnosing and treating acute hamstring injuries

This is a podcast by Dr Robert-Jan de Vos, sports physician in the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands, with Guustaaf Reurink, who is a registrar in Sports Medicine in the Netherlands and is currently finishing his thesis on diagnosis and treatment of acute hamstring injuries. Recently, he published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine about the role of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for acute hamstring injuries (

We start with discussing this interesting study, which did not show a benefit of PRP injections in acute hamstring injuries. Dr Reurink expresses the methods and results of this study and possible explanations for these findings are debated.

Dr Reurink also performed a number of studies on the value of clinical tests and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in acute hamstring injuries. Previously, he already showed that most MRIs are still abnormal when the athlete already returned to gameplay (…92450.abstract?eaf).

We close by discussing the role of MRI and standardised clinical tests as a predictor of time to return to play and re-injury.

  1. Professor Peter O’Sullivan (@PeteOSullivanPT) on Tiger Woods’ back and ‘core strength’

Peter O’Sullivan has two recent BJSM podcasts (see below). In this podcast he shares his thoughts on the recent media attention around Tiger Woods’ obvious back pain while playing in the US PGA.

He discusses what the pathology might be, why the media suggested that Mr Woods’ ‘sacrum went out’. He contends that ‘core strengthening’ may not be the panacea.

The lessons apply to the management of low back pain, and other pain, in a myriad of settings.

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  1. Dr Alison Grimaldi with practical physiotherapy tips on treating lateral hip pain

With over twenty years’ experience, accreditation in Sports Physiotherapy, and a recent PhD in the topic of lateral hip pain, Alison Grimaldi (@AlisonGrimaldi) was invited to this podcast by BJSM’s Twitter community.

She is a popular conference speaker internationally. Here she walks you through each step of the assessment and treatment of an older patient with right hip pain. She then shares how to assess and treat a younger sportsperson.

In both cases, Dr Grimaldi emphasizes that compression is bad for tendons that run over bony prominences (trochanter in this case) and indicates how this can be addressed.

Enjoy one of our most practical podcasts. Recorded at the Physiotherapy New Zealand Conference, Auckland (September 2014) with thanks to the NZ Sports Physiotherapy Interest Group (@SportsPhysioNZ).

1) JL Cook, C Purdam Is compressive load a factor in the development of tendinopathy? Br J Sports Med 46(3):163-8. 2012

2) Fearon A, Stephens S, Cook J, et al. The relationship of femoral neck shaft angle and adiposity to greater trochanteric pain syndrome in women. A case control morphology and anthropometric study. Br J Sports Med. 2012

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