Congrats to ECOSEP, MuscleTech Network, and FC Barcelona – the 2015 cover competition winners!

December 49(24)Congratulations to all of the collaborators and supporters of the ECOSEP/FC Barcelona, December 2015 BJSM issue (#24) for winning the 2015 cover competition by a landslide (honorable runner up goes to Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand 49(issue #14) Strong debut performance!).

We had the pleasure of sharing the news with two of the major contributors: Nikos Malliaropoylos (founding member of ECOSEP), and Gil Rodas (FC Barcelona Doctor):

BJSM: Congratulations! How do you feel about winning “BJSM best cover” for 2015?

We are really impressed with this award. It’s a great example of team work between ECOSEP -MuscleTech -FC Barcelona and BJSM – a genuine collaboration between the scientific community and a football club. The front cover was the tip of the iceberg: a great global sport & exercise medicine event, in the biggest football stadium in Europe (capacity of 99,354 seats that hosted more than 400 international delegates). The stadium was a real feature of the conference of course as the podium was on the hallowed turf and our listners sat in the stadium seats. The big screen hosted the shots! Winning the Best Cover rewarded all our efforts to make this venture successful for the attendees.

BJSM: What in this 24th issue of 2015, stands out for you as exemplary work?

Not easy to answer this as there are so many good articles in this issue – which is usual for the BJSM now. The Exercise-induced leg pain in sport editorial is a very good update regarding this issue in sports. Exercise for osteoarthritis of the knee: a Cochrane systematic review and MRI, does not add value over and above patient history and clinical examination in predicting time to return to sport after acute hamstring injuries: A prospective cohort of 180 male athletes, are papers that can really affect practice and benefit patients who attend physiotherapists, doctors and other sports clinicians.

BJSM: In your opinion, where do we head from here?

FC Barcelona knows that a winning team always carries on maintaining the cornerstone partners. Muscle Tech and ECOSEP with BJSM support can add more value to Sports and Exercise Medicine both in Europe and globally. We are dedicated to this exciting field so let’s spread the word of the great evidence we have now and please look out for our conference in Barcelona, October 2016!

BJSM: Thanks Nikos and Gil! 

We will select and contact our 2 individual prize winners within the next two weeks. Stay tuned.

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