Extreme Physical Activity Promotion: Doc Murray to run 7 Ultra Marathons on all 7 continents within 7 days

In the spirit of extreme physical activity promotion, Doc Andrew Murray is off today (weather permitting in Antarctica) to run 7 Ultra Marathons on all 7 continents within 7 days. He’s doing this to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise (he now works on this issue for the Scottish Government) and also for The Scottish Association for Mental Health.

His route is here

He massively appreciates the support he’s had for his previous challenges. If you and/or people you know are interested in supporting Andrew, you have the opportunity to do this in two ways:

1) BE PART OF IT with Andrew and a few well known faces. Visit www.5×50.co.uk <http://www.5×50.co.uk/>  for full information and to join the challenge . By running, walking, cycling 5k a day for the 7 days from 23rd to 29th November we aim to cover the equivalent distance of 5 times round the world. Personally, I’ll be on the running, walking or cycling 5 km for those days to keep up my personal challenge of accumulating 60 minutes of physical activity daily. But this isn’t about me!

It’s about getting people engaged with all physical activity abilities

Please pass this onto your friends and colleagues, they can register here http://5×50.co.uk/register and take the Challenge with you – you can even create a team together.

 A 40 sec video explains why .

2) Andrew is raising money for Scottish Association for Mental Health- GetActive program. This is a great charity that he’s passionate about. His JustGiving page is here.

For a bit of a laugh here is a trailer for some TV he’s making about the trip.


And remember to also the share the ‘7 investments’ link for a balanced 🙂 comprehensive approach to eradicating physical inactivity.

Message to Andy – if you are looking for something to do, we have a new BJSM podcast up for you – sports cardiology – which includes a paper on whether too much exercise can be harmful. And other podcasts in the editing suite…enjoy!  A personal best wish to you – k2

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