Final Round! – BJSM’s Best Cover of 2011 Competition


Thanks to everyone who voted in rounds 1 & 2. Here are the finalists:

A. South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) Congress issue (June 2011)


B. BASEM’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference issue (July 2011)

Who will be the champion?

While you can only vote once – get your friends to vote too (maybe they will even split the prize with you!). You get bonus notoriety points if you vote for the winner AND win the prize.

Remember: Voters (from all rounds) will be entered into a draw for PRIZE of $133 gift certificate to Takes 20 seconds to complete! Your email address is just for us to contact you if you win – we delete them all after the competition.

Click here to vote NOW!  (until May 28th)

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