Consussion podcast still timely – McCrory on Consensus Statement

Concussion, concussion, concussion – has dominated the media over the past months. Major injuries to kids, research suggesting long-term problems, even the American Neurology Association updating their guidelines, now Sidney Crosby sits on the sidelines at millions of dollars 🙂 a day.

BJSM afficionados will be aware but as we get new readers and blog followers daily, I don’t apologize for reminding you of free value in the following links:

The special issue of BJSM that followed the Zurich Concussion Consensus Meeting – this is the meeting that is driving the science – this was the evidence behind all the current change.

Particularly useful is Paul McCrory’s explanation of how to interpret the guidelines – via BJSM’s masterclass podcast.

Here’s the intro that goes with that podcast…

Part 3: You are the expert – you teach concussion to fellows and you can recite the SCAT2 even if you have profound headache and retrograde amnesia. Professor McCrory provides tips from the Consensus Statement that have you on the same page as the 27 experts in Zurich. And maybe you were one of them. Listen anyway, send any additional tips to the BJSM blog ( and share the news of this practical podcast.

And then there is consensus statement itself – copublished in about 14 journals – a remarkable achievement in turning knowledge to action or ‘knowledge exchange’

As well as the practical forms to use on the sideline – the unfortunately named ‘SCAT2’ and ‘Pocket SCAT2’

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