Interesting Comments From David Butler’s team: Core and Back pain

Back pain is one of BJSM’s central issues – exercise is a major part of treatment of course. In December 2008, we included Paul Hodges’ summary of a decade of work, Transversus abdominis: a different view of the elephant, and this paper topped the page views for some months. At the same time as Professor Hodges work has gained international traction, there are those who argue that the work is not a panacea for all forms of back pain in all patients at all times (and we are sure Prof. Hodges would agree). We’ll ask him for his comments on the recent controversy and in the meantime see David Butler’s team’s take. I’d love to get them both on a BJSM podcast to clarify their thoughts – no promises though! Let us know what you think via E-letters or post your comments to the blog.

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