Bad for your heart = bad for your tendons, potential for early detection of high cholesterol?

musculoskeletal running manCongrats to BJSM co-authors Ben Tilley, Jill Cook (@ProfJillCook), Sean Docking and Jamie Gaida whose article “Is higher serum cholesterol associated with altered tendon structure or tendon pain? A systematic review” was featured by mainstream media.

The review included 17 tendon studies with data from more than 2000 people. As profiled in the Globe and Mail, individuals with abnormal blood cholesterol levels were more likely to have tendon pain or altered tendon structure.

“The most interesting finding was that the pattern of cholesterol changes seen with tendinopathy was similar to that which increases cardiovascular disease risk. It seems that what is bad for your heart is bad for your tendons.” …The researchers theorize that cholesterol deposits lead to inflammation of the tendons, and this leads to structural changes that make the area vulnerable to injury and pain. …“However, the more important benefit of identifying a link between cholesterol and tendinopathy is the potential for early detection of high cholesterol, and management of cardiovascular disease risk, in those presenting with tendon pain.”

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