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Acupuncture in Medicine Blog

Analysis and discussion of the latest news, research findings and policy developments in acupuncture in medicine; mainly relating to evidence-based, Western medical acupuncture.

Archives of Disease in Childhood blog

A peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers covering conception to adolescence.

BMJ Case Reports blog

A fully searchable resource publishing cases across all disciplines, highlighting clinically important information on common and rare conditions.

BMJ Clinical Evidence Blog

Discussions on how to teach and practise EBM, developments and trends in the EBM community, and the key findings of our latest updated overviews.

BMJ Global Health blog

Comment, discussion and debate on all aspects of global health across BMJ.

BMJ Open blog

BMJ Open is an open access journal for general medical research. Find out more about the journal and open access here.

BMJ Open Science blog

Blogging about our preclinical research and improving the transparency, integrity, and reproducibility of research closely aligned to medicine.

BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health blog

For readers of the journal and health professionals in contraception and sexual health care.

British Journal of Sports Medicine blog

British Journal of Sports Medicine blogs

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care blog

BMJ Group's first dedicated supportive and palliative care journal. Visit the blog for all the latest developments on this exciting new journal.

BMJ Web Development blog

Keep abreast of the technological developments being implemented on the BMJ journal websites.

Diabetes blog

Updates on the latest science and current issues in diabetes

Emergency Medicine Journal blog

Analytical approach to the developments and changes in the field of Emergency Medicine.

ESMO Open blog

ESMO Open's discussion forum for thoughts, comment and debate on all aspects of oncology

European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy blog

Analysis and discussion of the latest news, research findings and policy developments in hospital pharmacy.

Evidence-Based Medicine blog

Analysis and discussion of developments in Evidence-Based Medicine.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Blog

Evidence-Based Mental Health aims to engage psychiatrists and psychologists, particularly younger professionals, in the challenge of basing their practice on evidence.

Evidence-Based Nursing blog

Analysis and discussion of developments in Evidence-Based Nursing.

Frontline Gastroenterology Blog

Frontline Gastroenterology aims to accelerate the adoption of best practice in the fields of gastroenterology and Hepatology; focusing on the needs of patients and the professionals caring for them.

Heart blog

Highlighted articles from non-cardiological journals relevant to cardiology.

Heart Asia blog

Heart Asia aims to convey the best cardiology research and practice from the developing regions of the world to an international audience. The journal seeks to publish work from around the world with the Asia Pacific being a region of particular focus.

Injury Prevention blog

The new blog for Injury Prevention, the journal that strives to reduce the burden of injury in all age groups across the globe.

Journal of Medical Ethics blog

Analysis and discussion of developments in the medical ethics field

Journal of Medical Genetics Contact blog

Research developments and evidence-based medical genetics.

JNNP blog

JNNP encompasses the entire genre of neurological sciences, publishing the world's ground-breaking brain and mind research.

Learning @ BMJ

Stay up-to-date with BMJ's latest developments and thinking in the field of elearning and medical education.

Lupus Science and Medicine Blog

All the latest open access Lupus research and news from Lupus Science & Medicine.

Medical Humanities blog

Responding to and stimulating debate about the many subjects that interest and drive the large, diverse, and intellectually hungry medical humanities community.

Postgraduate Medical Journal blog

The PMJ Blog: thoughts, comment and debate about learning how to deliver better, safer, care - prompted by international research and evidence.

BMJ Quality Blog

Discussion of developments in Patient Safety & Quality Improvement.

Sexually Transmitted Infections blog

Sexually Transmitted Infections blog - debating how to provide high quality sexual health care in a unified manner.

Tobacco Control blog

Analysis and debate of the latest tobacco control research findings and policy developments.

Thorax blog

The Thorax Blog, where we discuss respiratory topics of the moment, dissect the latest respiratory research, and muse over chest medicine.

Vet Record blog

Highlights and insights into the research featured in the Veterinary Record.

Veterinary Record latest news

Keep up to date with the latest news stories of interest to vets and other veterinary professionals.

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